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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Dating Tips 101

  2. Dating Tip #1. Be patient.

  3. Dating Tips #2. Give each other space.

  4. Dating Tips #3. Encourage differences.

  5. Dating Tips #4. When dating, keep an eye out for possibilities.

Dating Tips 101

Dating tips.

How exciting is dating? you’re beginning to invest your time with someone and learn all there is to know about him/her.

We become so excited with the thought and emotions of having a relationship but forget a few tips along the way. 

Here is some reassurance when dating that you should never forget.

Dating Tip #1. Be patient.

It’s timid to try and speed up the dating process. Let the other person figure you out, no need to tell them anything. They are already invested in you they’ll pay attention. 

Dating Tips #2. Give each other space.

Now, this seems crazy to say when people are just starting to date and for those who already established a long-term relationship.

It’s still vital to give each other space. When doing so you give the relationship some breathing room so the next time you see each other it’s refreshing. 

Dating Tips #3. Encourage differences.

Encouraging each other to keep doing what you enjoy creates a healthy and secure relationship. The best part about being different is that the relationship will never feel stagnant. 

Dating Tips #4. When dating, keep an eye out for possibilities.

Let’s be honest, when dating someone is the game over? no more texting and flirting with other people? 

Some people may not like this tip but it will help you in the long run.

Who’s to say he/she is only dating you? We’re not close-minded people here. What if he/she breaks up with you and that was the only person you talked to? how would you feel?  insecure? when in fact you’re all that. Keep your eyes open when in the dating zone. Someone is out there waiting for you to give the green light. 

I hope you enjoyed our dating tips and apply a few to your relationship!

Do you have a few tips to share? comment below!

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