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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Here are a few questions I would like to answer.

In these answers, you will find my reason why I blog and what platforms I use for blogging.

Let’s get started!

List the top bloggers in your niche who inspire you with their work.

  1. HudaBeauty is my go-to, I remember her from my high school days, I even followed her on Snapchat, I was so inspired and fascinated by Huda, she hustled hard, she was always happy, and she is confident and gorgeous of course! but what stood out the most was her makeup, I love seeing her put on makeup, her opinion about makeup, and her innovative way to blog and make videos, I noticed how many girls she reposted on her blog or Instagram, it was so intriguing and I still love her till this day, I hope to become a blogger just like her, I hope to make a name for myself in the beauty world just like Huda did. Plus she’s not scared of diversity.

  2. SkinnyCinfidential is another good one. I love how she’s so positive. Her blog gives me great vibes every time.

  3. Poosh It’s modern-day blogging. I like her layout and way of capturing the content via pictures.

Put together a list of underrepresented people in your industry

I don’t have a list but I believe nano Influencers are underrepresented and underappreciated.

Share a list of things or activities that put you in a good mood.

  1. Dancing

  2. Singing

  3. Taking pictures

  4. Gym

  5. Eating healthy

  6. Makeup

  7. Doing my hair

  8. Taking a bath or shower

  9. Shopping

  10. Food

  11. Traveling

  12. Yoga

  13. Prayer

  14. Husband

  15. Talking to old friends

  16. Journaling

  17. Nature

  18. Compliments

  19. Dressed up

  20. Making money

  21. Hearing from my mother

  22. Drinking wine

  23. TikTok

  24. Beach, Lake, Water

  25. Marijuana

  26. Gifting Presents

  27. Gardening

  28. Puppies

  29. Playing Sports

  30. Meeting People

Write about how to balance work and family life.

I work from home most days, so it’s no pain since it’s only me and my husband.

Share DIY Ideas or life hacks you’ve used in your own life.

Right before bed, I love to put vaseline on my lips, eyelashes, and under my eyes, so in the morning I glow and on days I wear no makeup I do the same as my night routine.

Organize a viral giveaway to grow your blog traffic

I will keep this one a secret for now.

Create a content list of “why you should do [something]”.

  1. List of reasons why you should know what ingredients are inside your makeup

  2. List of reasons you should get a professional beauty expert to do your makeup once.

  3. List of reasons why you should do more with your eyeshadow palettes

  4. List of reasons why you should do a morning and night routine

  5. List of reasons why you should do more dancing

  6. List of reasons why you should do more singing

  7. List of reasons why you should take more pictures

  8. List of reasons why you should go to the gym

  9. List of reasons why you should be eating healthy

  10. List of reasons why you should do your makeup

  11. List of reasons why you should be doing your hair

  12. List of reasons why you should take longer showers

  13. List of reasons why you should take more baths

  14. List of reasons why you should travel

  15. List of reasons why you should do yoga

  16. List of reasons why you should practice praying

  17. List of reasons why you should talk to your old friends

  18. List of reasons why you should journalize

  19. List of reasons why you should take walks in nature

  20. List of reasons why you should give more compliments

  21. List of reasons why you should dress up

  22. List of reasons why you should follow your dreams

  23. List of reasons why you should become an influencer

  24. List of reasons why you should blog

  25. List of reasons why you should take care of yourself

  26. List of reasons why you shouldn’t buy makeup you never wore

  27. List of reasons why you shouldn’t care about what they say

What sets your blog apart from others in your niche?

I’m not worried about “competition” I am excited. I am finally doing something I love.

I believe what sets my blog apart from others in my niche is the spirit I have. I genuinely love my supporters and I love how creative I can be.

It hurts to have a creative baby you can’t show off. My blog is my baby, it’s me, I don’t see competition I only see me and my supporters.

What tools and software do you use for your content and images?

  1. Canva – I love how creative I can be with Canva.

  2. Grammarly – I’m not ashamed to know I’m no Shakespearean or Maya Angelou.

What’s your process for writing and editing a blog post?

I like to write only when I feel good about the content. Some days I record myself talking on my phone and use that as documents and for editing, I use Grammarly.

Ever had writer’s block before? how did you handle it

Yes. I handle it by keep writing. I just write what’s on my mind.

For example, “I just got into writer’s block, so I’m going to keep typing until I focus, I do love food and I also love getting back on track so I can finish” and whatever else until I’m unblocked.

It’s silly but works.

What tips would you give someone who’s just starting a blog?

Well, I’m new to blogging so I will honestly have to say, if you are scared and don’t know where to start, visit my page and just look around, look at how I’m grammatically incorrect, look at my punctuation, find my first post and examine how my blog post is laid out. Do you think I know what I’m doing? I just pretend it’s a journal or diary.

Write whatever you want it’s your life. Express yourself! don’t worry about a niche, don’t put so much pressure on yourself, just write, edit and publish, and repeat that step every day. Don’t care about what someone will say, be grateful, show gratitude, and love those who support you, and love those who don’t support you, keep blogging.

Talk about the blogging mistakes you have made.

  1. Thinking I had to listen to other people about what MY blog had to be about or what my niche should be or the fact that I shouldn’t create a blog.

  2. “It’s not a real job and you will not make any money” Stop listening to people, how do they know what’ll make you money?

  3. I once created an online clothing store and a blog on the same day. Which would’ve been a bright idea if I had a game plan and have someone other than myself on my team.

  4. Not having a budget plan

  5. Being in my head

  6. Thinking I need a degree to sound like a professional blogger

  7. Procrastination

  8. Not saying “No” to people

  9. Stressing about SEOs

  10. Not using Pinterest or any other platform

Why did you decide to start a blog?

This should have been the first question asked!

I always wanted to start a blog but because of the answers, I listed in the previous question is why I didn’t get far with it. So as time flew by I still wasn’t happy and something told me to blog again, so I did, I decided to search for topics, answer the questions and let my creative juices flow.

I did not worry hard about anything, I just motivate myself by looking at those bloggers who live off of what they love to do.

I see blogging as a manifestation now. I do believe whatever I blog about will manifest itself in my life.

What are your quick tips for better or faster writing?

For better writing, I say use Grammarly but also learn from Grammarly, read the dictionary, and make sure you research your topics so you won’t be outdated and read read read and also have people you know read your article and ask them what they think about it. I’m sure they will be honest.

For faster writing, I always say to make sure you are writing about something that you feel deeply connected to talk about so you can express every emotion in your article.

When you have a deep feeling about something you will type better and faster

What’s your biggest regret? What would you have done differently?

My biggest regret is not starting earlier.

What I would have done differently? stop procrastinating.

What are the best habits you have in your life right now? How did you form them?

My best habit right now is writing.

I love to journalize my thoughts.

I love to be in my own head and express what I want to the world. I formed this habit when I was much younger.

I use to write letters to my mom when she was asleep in her room. I would slide them under her door so that in the morning before work, she could read them and hope to bring love to her heart. Plus I’ve been told I can talk a lot so why not make articles?

I hope you guys enjoyed this article! comment any questions you would like for me to answer in another blog post!

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