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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Hey babes! this year by itself gave me enough pain, trial, and tribulation to last a lifetime, and to top it all off I gain so much weight you’ll think I’m pregnant… I haven’t been posting on social media but for good reasons, I cannot go on looking like a baked sweet potato so yeah I am back in the gym after a 10-month-long session with sugars, alcohol, and snacks, I’m dreading the situation but this is my own fault.

Well… I’m back in the gym but the pain of seeing myself let go and gain the weight I worked so hard in 2020-21 to get off is a pretty hard pill to swallow.

I was literally in the shower one day and looked deeply at myself and saw the truth, I was mad as hell but I know what I had to do. If I’m not in love with my body, how do I expect someone else to fall in love with my body?

So here is a list of my daily tasks to lose weight at a smooth and steady pace.

♡ I do yoga for 30 minutes a day.

♡ I drink 5 glasses of water a day.

♡ a cup of fruits and veggies.

♡ cutting back on sugars and snacks.

♡ walk for 30+ mins every day.

♡ gym 2-3 days a week.

I try to implement different workouts that I see on the internet. Some work and some don’t.

Lately, I’ve been lifting a lot more dumbells and hitting the treadmill a little harder each day. 💪🏾

It is hard to focus on your health when you have other shit going on.

Working out helps me feel better. I have been doing yoga before bed, waking up feeling so light and so at peace. I happen to be proud of myself for gaining weight and am now on the path to changing my lifestyle.

I’m quite adventurous so I’m ready to see what’s going to happen in the future. I can’t wait to shake this ass in a tight dress while holding a bottle of wine high in the air yelling and jumping up and down listening to the hottest music with my friends and family… having that summer body ready is always a plus.

I love ACV gummies they help your metabolism.

Goli gummies are another fave of mine.

I actually want to be fit. I mean my dreams of becoming a runway model are long gone but my ass is still going to pretend by giving the best that I got.

Time to ball later and to ball now.

♡♡♡ Workout Essentials ♡♡♡

Sweat faster and harder 🔥

My fave waist trainer 🥵

Resistant band

Workout Fit

and of course your water bottle

I love sharing my recommendations with you guys and I love getting to know what your favorite thing is from Amazon below. I’m always working on building a storefront to bring you only tried and true products that I LOVE.

Disclaimer: Every product reviewed has been independently selected by our editorial team. We never take payment to review products, although some brands allow affiliate links, so we may earn a commission if you purchase a product by clicking on one of our links.

♡, Michaela.

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