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Updated: Nov 21, 2022


Let’s talk about sex, shall we?

Before asking when is the best time to talk about each other’s sexual desires? I want to ask you, do you know what sex is and how important it is to choose carefully?

Before I get started, let me point out the obvi here, I am no expert on such a subject, I am just jotting down my thoughts on the matter at hand.

What is sex?

Sex is a physical feeling you get from a person during sexual intercourse.

How important is sex?

Sex can affect your livelihood, we talking about pregnancy and STDs,. Practice safe sex, not by depending on your partner but also by making sure he/she is practicing and understanding sex by:

  1. Keeping protection- men should not be the only ones caring for condoms, lady’s it’s on us too.

  2. Getting tested- remember, who you choose to have sex with has had sex with others and they have had sex with others, and so forth. Get tested every 6 months to a year, again your life depends on your health choices.

  3. Taking sex ed- I don’t believe many schools understand how important it is to have a sex ed teacher who will dig deep into these kids’ minds and help them understand the importance of getting intimate with another person. Not every school has a sex ed class so parents, make sure you give them the “Birds and the Bees” talk.

  4. Reading- If all else fails, there are many books online and in person for you to tour.

In college, there were quite a few that I would have loved to adventure with but I was rather shy or they were in some tangled relationship I didn’t want any part of. This one guy whom I thought was perfect had a thing for me. Now I did not pursue him. We also never had any alone time in college, he played sports and I was just there, trying to figure out if I wanted to smoke weed or study for the biology test I had every Friday. I always imagined what it would feel like to explore our love for each other and what I would do or say. I called my best friend since high school and asked for her opinion on the matter, she told me “What is your desire for him?” I replied with a shit ton of imagination but to think deeply about it, I then became lost as hell.

How do you bring up your sexual desires and at what time?

On your first date? doesn’t that sound a little too sudden? imagine you guys eating at a fine restaurant and he blurts out “what are your sexual desires?”

what a turn-off.

How about on your second date? On your way to the movies or to meet some acquaintance of his/hers you popped that question. On the first date, it was already a turn-off, now you decide on your second, which can come off as a rush to sex.

So when should we ask?

Once you two have built a stronger connection and learned more about each other.

Is her favorite color pink? is his blue?

Marvel fans?

Anime fans?

Is she vegan? is he vegan?

Are you really over your ex?

Have you ever been tested?

Build a strong connection before asking such questions that sound particularly near giving up the goodies.

Sex is beautiful when both partners know and understand what sex really is. – Michaela

The con of not exploring your sexual desires

After long talks and special dates, it’s now time to stir the chemistry. You guys are into each other but then discovered the lack of communication during sex time. What happened to everything I said? and did I please them as they wanted? where is the communication?

When your partner forgets your desires you leave feeling used.

What if you never talked about each other’s desires?

Not making it clear what you desire from your partner may cause confusion, you two are literally in bed just screwing with each other, get it? but literally. No one wants to feel bad in bed and some aren’t they just don’t know what to do when there wasn’t a clear conversation.

Don’t get upset with your partner because you left unsatisfied, clear the room, and let them know, that way you guys can go round two, and please each other.




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